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PREPARED to Prevent, Protect & Defend

While not specifically directed at moms, this popular minicourse is the foundation for living in prevention that most everyone lacks. ​

Even if you're crazy into everything safety, this is what you didn't' know you needed to know about being PREPARED. Having a progressive plan for keeping safe in everyday life will minimize the chances of ever needing to physically defend yourself - though there are a couple tools for physical defense in there, too.

This is especially a must watch, especially with tweens and teens.

*Our online courses are being moved from one platform to another. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this transition.*

Signature Online Courses

Enjoy convenient access to digestible content that allows you to confidently increase your children's safety.

Enjoy scheduled access to the online content for 30 days along with...

Weekly Live Q&As

Not available at the scheduled time for Q&As? No problem! You can submit your questions ahead of time and always catch the replay.

For moms of babies, toddler and young children. All that's in your power to keep you and your kids safe, including using your gear in defense. Decide "feel good" solutions for defense. Be introduced to strategies for becoming a difficult target and protecting yourself and your kids.

For moms of kids 8 & under. Get all that you need to raise your child with "A Plan They Plan to Use". This is all that you need for your child to grow up learning and practicing a progressive plan that goes with them wherever they go that can keep them safe from harm.

For the mom struggling with her child's behavior. Whether your child is a toddler biting, hitting and kicking or an adult in your care with high needs that you're flat out afraid of- get what you need to keep yourself and others safe while minimizing difficult and unsafe behaviors.

Additional Courses

Enjoy access to these courses at any time for 90 days.

These courses are to help you enjoy security while you are looking to add people into your inner circle.

For the right person and fit, it's possible to add private coaching during this time as well as professional background checks completed by a license private investigator. You deserve to feel good about who you are inviting into your personal life and sharing your family.


1. How are courses and webinars delivered?

Access courses through our simple online system. There's no need to download anything. Simply click a link.

2. Do I need to log in at certain times?

Nope. All of our content is provided with busy moms in mind. Learn when you can, for the duration you can - even 10 or 15 minutes is great. Anything that's offered live with a scheduled time, you will have the opportunity to submit questions ahead of time to be addressed and you can catch the replay at your convenience.

3. What kind of support will I have during the course?

It's important to us that you not only have access to the information but also any support needed to be able to implement it into your family and your life.

You'll notice our signature online courses are only offered at certain times and on rotation. This allows access to instructor support during Office Hours as well as weekly live Q&A sessions. If you are needing more support, Personal Empowerment Coaching can be added.

For our other online courses, you will have access to an expert and professional via messaging during "Office Hours". Empowerment Coaching can also be added to these offers.

For minicourses, you are also welcome to message questions during Office Hours.

4. When are Office Hours?

Office Hours are Wed 8-10am and 6-8pm EST.

5. Will I need to purchase any additional materials?

Nope. Everything you need is included. There are downloads for you to print and/or fill out should you wish.

However, it's always an option to add private Empowerment Coaching should you feel best about having private support with your concerns.

6. Will I have access to the information after the course is completed?

You have access to the course content for a certain duration of time. The start date is listed with your registration, and then you will have access to the content of signature courses and minicourses for 30 days. There are additional online courses that provide access to the content for 90 days.

However, our signature courses have Questionnaires you fill out along the way, so that you have, not only the notes we think you need to remember but also, your personal goals emailed to you to keep for your reference.

7. What happens if I don't finish the content in the allotted time?

Despite the chaotic and full calendar of the busy mom, this rarely is an issue. However, if you experience some extreme emergency, please don't hesitate to reach out and we can figure something out together.

Also, because these are all skills that are developed, we want you to retake our offerings again and again, so we offer incentives so you can retake our offerings again for FREE. One circumstance is if you arrange a private offering for your private group.