Private & Group Support

Change can be hard, but our children are worth it.

Coaching offerings are simple and supportive. We aim to help you reach your goals of bringing an increase in not only physical safety but also emotional security into your home and your relationships.

Want to bring Empowerment Coaching or a Transformational Group Program to your private group?

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Empowerment Coaching


Some situations are more complex and/or difficult than others, and sometimes we just need more support.

Empowerment Coaching ($444) can be added to any course, and you will receive...

🐻 An intake appointment that will allow you the opportunity for your concerns to be heard as well as set specific, attainable goals.

🐻Up to 2 hours of private coaching, scheduled in 30 minute or 1-hour appointments (as you see fit) throughout the duration of the online course.

🐻 An exit interview to assess how you feel about meeting your goals as well as to articulate further goals and a plan to meet them.

Empowerment Coaching can be added for a limited number of participants already scheduled to take any of these online courses:

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12 Week Transformative Journey


There are a certain set of skills and traits that make a person an unlikely target for any kind of harm.

Every woman can and should become difficult to victimize.

Becoming the Example Children Need

For Moms that grew up in dysfunction or have left an unsafe relationship.

An avenue to pass on generational healing instead of trauma.

A Shared Journey

For Moms & Daughters (10-18)

Build your relationship and improve communication while together you work towards developing the skills that make difficult targets for harm.

These programs may be for you if you...

🐻 Have the desire to model skills for safe, healthy relationships for your children,

🐻 Don't want you or your kids to end up in toxic relationships, friendships or work environments,

🐻 Want to be and feel safe in relationships even with unhealthy friends, family and/or exes,

🐻 Want to know where and how you have power and control in your own security.

Ditch Doubt, Insecurity & Confusion.

Participation in these offerings is by invitation only.

To find out if this may be a good fit for where you're at in your personal journey, schedule a time to connect.




1. Do I have to wait until the next offering to get access to this kind of help?

If your needs are more immediate, we can offer you or your group private access. Please reach out to use however you are most comfortable and we can get those details worked out.

2. Can my husband/mother/partner participate in coaching with me?

When you purchase Empowerment Coaching, you are welcome to share your private sessions with whoever you want that shares care or concern about your child.

However, we have found it most helpful for both you and your child when these sessions are 1:1 Coaching with just you. But again, you are welcome to do what you feel is best for your family. We are happy to help.

For the Transformational Group Coaching, however, only your participation is appropriate as well as allowed.