Everyone Knows It Takes a Village

But Nobody Knows Where to Find It!

So, we created it, and we are excited to share the Mama Bear PREPARED Community and PREPARED Village with you.

Here's where you can find answers and resources, reassurance, support, connection, understanding, appreciation and recognition.

You just need to carve out a little time and bring your own coffee.

"I can't believe how much I can learn with just a few minutes investment here and there. This gets me what I need to be ready to tackle tough topics with my kids."

-Sarah J. from Pheonix, AZ


Get the Right Mindset

Get weekly messages to shed a little light on the incredible power of perception as it relates to our beliefs around physical safety, emotional security, our abilities and so much more.

Dive into weekly mindset messages to find where you are to help move to where you want to be.

Move your focus from seeing all that's wrong with the world to all that we can do about. it.

"It's like magic! From feeling terror stricken from all that's out there to seeing where and how I can keep my kids safe - this is incredibly priceless."

- Sally F. from Denver, CO


The Resources You Need

So many amazing things. Quick Videos of...

Reviews for You! (on self defense items marketed to women),

Mama's Ready! (How to use everyday objects in self defense)

Conversations & Masterclasses with Experts on specific concerns


Links and content with...

Must read books with Littles,

Videos, Print Outs & Downloads,

Must have resources to share with Teens,

& so, so much more.

"I was found the exact information that I needed to address the bullying at school. The books helped me connect with my daughter and have conversations around where and how we have choices. I was also able to take the recommended action with the school, too. Since then, I've been able to help other moms, too.

-Jill J. from Bellingham, WA


Keep Learning

Participants of the PREPARED Village Circle participate live in monthly webinars. As always, for those who cannot attend, there is the ability to submit questions ahead of time to ensure they are answered, and the replay is always available shortly after recorded.

The recorded content is then moved to the Den Access.

We've had topics like....

Surviving Holidays with Toxic Family,

Setting & Upholding Boundaries,

Taking the Payoff Out of Bullying,

Keeping Kids Safe Online,

And many more.

"I love that I get to give input on upcoming topics!"

- Mary H. from Pittsburgh, PA


Get Expert Support & Connection

Enjoy expert answers and support in a tight nit community among fellow dedicated mama bears. This includes participating in monthly webinars as well as a monthly PREPARED Village Circle Meetup. Get your questions answered during Office Hours.

"I like having the weekly meetups even though I can't always make them. The replays make it convenient, and I get a ton and feel connected with the other ladies. It feels good to feel understood and supported."

- Jasmine N. from Newark, NJ

Mama Bear PREPARED Community

🐻 Provides a safe space for encouragement and support. 

🐻 Weekly Fear to Focus Mindset Messages for a shift in focus from all that's wrong with the world to what can be done about it.  

🐻 Limited access to a Weekly Videos with Reviews for You, Recommended Resources, Mama's Ready! and more!


+ Den Access

🐻 Monthly Webinars on popular safety related topics.

🐻 Den Access gives access to past webinar recordings, and Weekly Videos plus other priceless resources for improving your family's safety. 

🐻 Discounts on merchandise and online courses.

PREPARED Village Circle

🐻 Participation in monthly webinars, including a live Q&As session at the end. 

🐻 Village Circle Monthly Meet Ups allows support in meeting shared goals with likeminded mamas. 

🐻 Office Hours provides access to a mother and an expert, to ask your specific questions and get answers.


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Mama Bear PREPARED Community


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  • Weekly Videos on What Moms Need to Know

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Mama Bear PREPARED + Den Access


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The PREPARED Village Circle


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1. What is your cancellation policy?

You are welcome to cancel at any time for any reason.

Within the first 30 days, if you find you are unhappy with the Mama Bear PREPARED Community or the PREPARED Village for any reason you can get a full refund. Simply request a refund within 30 days of purchase.

2. I live in (insert country here). Can I join?

You are absolutely welcome to join. However, while the suggestions for living in prevention are mostly completely universal, strategies and suggestions are based on legalities and the resources available in the United States.

Again, you are welcome to join and will absolutely benefit no matter where in the world you reside, howeveryou are responsible for any applicable laws for where you live.

3. What's the format of the content?

You will enjoy a community of likeminded mamas in our very own system and app. Inside that system you will find "Den Access" which is where we keep short videos and resources with recommendations specifically for mothers along with webinars on pertinent topics as well as with various experts. We also have relationships with related providers where they have shared content with us specifically for our community.

In short, this includes links, videos, invites to live webinars and meet ups, and more than you knew you needed.

4. Is the content just for moms?

This space is created by and for moms, however there is plenty of content here you will want to share with your family, adults and children alike. The Webinars and Resource Library especially have great stuff to share with your children and family. However, unless expressly invited, participation in webinars is limited to moms, and every PREPARED Village Circle Meet Up is for moms only.

5. I've heard this helps with trauma? Is this therapy?

This is not therapy. No therapy services are provided by Beating Disaster or through the Mama Bear PREPARED online content. Insurance does not cover or reimburse for any of our services.

However, participants that have invested in our online and in person offerings frequently claim to gain confidence in themselves, their ability to keep themselves safe as well as choose and participate in safer and healthier relationships. These results are achieved through the development of certain skills and beliefs.

6. If I'm new to Mama Bear PREPARED how can I learn more?

Absolutely sign up to receive emails. We can't help but empower moms in everything we do. You can also find 5 Day Challenges as well as community support in the Mama Bear PREPARED Facebook Group.

What child couldn't benefit from a better PREPARED mom?

Get what moms need to keep their kids safe.