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Do you struggle with any of these common challenges?

🐻 You're terrified when your kids are out of your care and worry at every notification provided by school.

🐻 You have trouble trusting anyone alone with your children, let alone watching them for any length of time.

🐻 You're concerned you might not be able to protect them, if necessary, no matter how much you learn.

🐻 You are confused and afraid about how to best help your children be safe with their peers.

Mama Bear PREPARED Offerings Will Help You..

It's completely possible to be and feel safe - even among unsafe people and/or in unsafe places.

We show you exactly how.

Simple, Solution Oriented & Lighthearted

You're busy. We know you don't have time. But we have exactly what we know you need and in the most convenient and flexible ways to receive it.

All of our offerings are created with the busy mama in mind, and we're sure that the investment in this content will allow you to have more time for what's important to you because you'll be worrying much, much less (and likely sleeping a lot more).


Enjoy a deep sense of security in your ability to protect your children.

Create an unshakeable foundation for keeping kids safe by becoming a better prepared mom.